Rotary WA Employment Project

Published 05/07/2019

Recent statistics showed nearly half of all working age people with disability were not in the labour force...

The National Disability Strategy (2010-2020) recognises an increase in access to employment opportunities is key to improving economic security and personal well-being for people with disability.

Inclusion Solutions WA received some funding to help create pathways into open employment for people living with a disability. As part of the funding from Disability Service Commission, Inclusion Solutions wanted to engage with Rotary clubs in WA, both metro and regional, to connect with local business owners.

Inclusion Solutions WA has connected with nearly 30 Rotary Clubs resulting in 42 individuals gaining employment through Rotarians. Collaborating with Rotary Clubs to help solve the employment issue in WA, the Rotary Employment Project is based on a project that ran in Alberta, Canada and is the first of its kind in WA. This project is an opportunity for Western Australia to lead the way in employment for people with disability.

This innovative project identifies local businesses who can offer valued roles to individuals in a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer. This project focuses on finding opportunities within the community that connects an individual to employment based on their interests and skill set.

How Does it Work?

The staff at Inclusion Solutions meet with business owners/ HR Managers or Rotarians to discover the employment opportunities that are available at their work places.  Each workplace has the opportunity to avail of social inclusion and disability awareness training on a needs basis.  An Inclusion Solutions mentor will support the individual in the work environment and also support the business owner to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

The Rotary Employment Project has allowed Inclusion WA to build strong connections with local businesses. Amongst others, these include:

  • A2B removals in Wangara. Through this connection two individuals have gained ongoing paid employment. Kaitlin a young lady gained a cleaning role.  Adam a young man who is studying horticulture gained a gardening and maintenance role.
  • Go Go media in Bassendean.  Through Beaufort Rotary, Go Go media Louise Youens has built a strong relationship with Inclusion WA which has created a cleaning role for an individual.
  • Northcom Auto Wreckers, Malaga.  Colin from our case study gained a part time position at the wreckers.

This project has been endorsed and heavily supported by Lindsay Dry, District Governor 2017-18 of Rotary District 9455. In addition, Dr Angus Buchanan, ex District Governor and Rotarian at West Perth has a vested interest in the project having employed two people living with a disability at Curtin University and this approach has led to an increased level of interest from within Rotary. 

Inclusion Solutions WA has also connected with 11 Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to discuss how they can be more inclusive and create meaningful employment opportunities for people living with a disability. This supports LGAs to further utilise and implement their Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs) in everyday activities.

How Can You Help?

Inclusion Solutions supports Rotarians and other community members to create more inclusive workplaces by employing people with a disability.  We ask for your assistance to connect with Rotary clubs across the state and support the opportunity of open employment for individuals living with a disability. 

Through this project Rotary has an opportunity to make a positive change in their local community, local businesses and to local Western Australians.

For more information on how you could get involved, please contact Inclusion Consultant Amy Perrie on (08) 9443 7226 or More details on how you can help are available at